4 Tips You Forgot to Unpack for Fall Style — Looks that Live


It’s October, everywhere. What does that even mean? To us, it means 50 degree mornings and 85 degree afternoons, followed by an occasional, brisk 45 degree evening. Choosing an outfit in the morning that’ll work for the entire day’s weather forecast can be challenging. Nobody wants to fry or freeze — and that’s actually the beauty behind fall fits. It’s the magic of both worlds - parfaits and onions. That’s right — we’re talking about layers

Here at REESET, we believe that there’s a subtle science to everything. Whether it’s art, math, or fashion, it can be calculated at least a little.

So what does your typical fall outfit consist of?

Let’s dissect the REESET Stylings and help you get ready with an extra 10 minutes for a Starbucks run.


You know it’s true. We can’t ever stop buying black tanks, white tees, and taupe tops because they’re more essential than espresso in any wardrobe and that’s including every season’s closet. Spice up the fit after you pave the foundation. Start simple - grab a seasonally friendly basic top piece, and work your way up with the rest of your outfit. 

Need basics? Try our faves. They make all the difference.  



Pants. Endless pants. We love pants and we hate pants. The good thing about the love/hate relationship we have with buttons and fitted items is that they make cozy ones, too. Looks that kill don’t have to kill your bank account or your vibe. A spicy little addition to any outfit in the fall is done absolutely right with a faux leather legging, a printed pant, or flare denim. Make a statement and don’t worry about the one coming in the mail with doable options for everyone. I mean, it’s leggings. We love leggings. 

Faux moments, printed patterns - check out ours. They look and feel amazing. Swear. 



Here’s where it gets fun. Layer up with flannels, so you can slip a layer or two off if the day (or the office) gets warm. Not only to accent jackets absolutely slay the entirety of your vibe when you wear them, they make great options to change the whole look if you decide to take them off. Wear a flannel and a chic jacket and give yourself even more layers to work with. We’re endless, here. And we’re obsessed with outerwear. Play around with your cool weather while it’s here. Spice it up.

New fall jackets and coats - outerwear for the subtle flex fall. Check out how we styled ours. 



No joke, I’m pretty sure every time I wear my Xanthos combat boots, someone compliments me and demands to see my shoe. Not only do combat boots look bada$$, but they feel it, too. You know what they say — if you look that way, you feel that way. I’m personally trying to feel like 100% of the bada$$ I know I am, 100% of the time and keeping my shoe wardrobe up to the same level makes every outfit stand out. When guys start complimenting your shoe selection, you know you’ve done it right. Make your look something people stare at. Stand up and stand out in chic basic boots and sneakers. 

Boots on boots? Yes, please. 


No matter where you are in the world, these 4 tips from our team can help your fall wardrobe REESET. We love styling for every season, especially for our REESET customers. It’s been a weird year, but we plan to go out in flying colors... or basics. Both are REESET approved. Stay tuned for more news, random tips, and things we think you want to read. Have a suggestion? Comment below or shoot us an email. We LOVE hearing from you. xoxoxoxo 



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