5 Pieces From Your Wardrobe That Can Create (HOT) Last Minute Halloween Looks


Hi loves!

So, getting straight to the point, we all love Halloween and that is because we are all so tired of work, school, restricted TJ Maxx hours and seasonal allergies that dressing up as something besides our everyday, 9-5 selves sounds 100x even more appealing than it did last year.

Then, that one girl you only know from work (we all have that one girl) asks, “So, what are you dressing up as this year?”

You freeze.

Halloween is a week away and you’re just now realizing you forgot to drop $400 on a Pro Boxer costume and you have no clue what your Halloween identity is going to be.

Stress less.

We did the dirty work and gathered 5 pieces you likely own already in some form, paired them up with our new arrivals, and created a list just for you to help find your perfect costume straight from home.

 1. Leather Pants - Pirate, Spy, Jack Skellington, Ninja?

Leather alternative pants have a way of making every outfit you rock them with look just a little bit edgier. It’s no secret that we all own a pair in one way or another — and personally, I can’t ever stop buying them. They’re endless and I need them all — who cares? The point is that you can be so many things in this type of pant — whether that’s the edgy soul that you are, or a trendy, subtle Halloween costume. Take your pick. We linked ours here in case you don’t have a pair already.

2. Be Your Zodiac Sign

We love astrology. It’s also something we all have in common, and it’s super fun to rep your own sun sign of the zodiac. We got these new necklaces in and they’re perfection. Peep them here.

3. Black Turtleneck - two words: EDNA. MODE.

I mean, black turtlenecks are one of my favorite staple pieces of all time — and so is Edna Mode, remember that tiny woman from the movie The Incredibles? The one who slaps Mr. Incredible around with a newspaper and tells him to get himself together? Iconic. We linked our Edna top for you. Be Edna for Halloween. Just do it. Edna is queen. 

4. Neutral Joggers - Hot Kim Possible Vibes?

Being able to look like you’re an effortless street style icon is already a huge perk - but now it’s Halloween and baggy, camel-colored joggers can easily double as our childhood favorite secret spy. Ours are here.

5. Statement Jackets - YOU LOVE THEM

Two words. Bareback. Fringe. The jacket of the decade — western and high fashion? Yes, please. Be the cowgirl (or cowboy) of your dreams with this perfect accessory linked here. It drops jaws.

And so will you on Halloween.


Best of luck, angels.

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