Fashion Lingo To Help You Through ANY Convo About Clothes


Have you ever been rumbling through fashion mags or looking at your favorite fashion blogger’s page and seen high-fashion words that you actually don’t understand at all? Same. 

Imagine casually strolling through Manhattan, NY and bumping into your favorite designer in the world and then... boom - you have no clue what “Ready-To-Wear” means and completely embarrass yourself in front of Virgil Abloh. I couldn’t. You couldn’t. And that’s that. 

So, just for you, we created a list of high-fashion terms with explanations to provide you a little cheat sheet for your dream conversation, or even just for your knowledge in general. (I mean, knowing what “couture” really is makes me feel unstoppable.)

1. Ready-To-Wear: clothing that is factory-produced in standard sizes. 

2. Haute Couture: the business of designing and selling custom clothing pieces for private consumers. 

3. Lookbook: a compilation of images, showcasing a designer’s upcoming collection in a creative format. 

4. Sartorial: an adjective describing something of or related to clothes. 

5. Silhouette: the general outline of a garment. 

6. Bias Cut: a garment that is cut diagonally. 

7. Applique: embroidering or stitching one fabric onto another. 

8. Seersucker: lightweight striped or checkered fabric usually used for spring and summer clothing pieces. 

9. Couture: designs made-to-order for private clients with one or more fittings, designed by one with an atelier in Paris that full-time employs at least 15 people, and presenting a collection comprised of 35 looks minimum for both day and evening for each fashion season. 

10. Label: referring to upcoming designers who create ready-to-wear outfits in very limited quantities.

11. Ensemble: an outfit in its complete form. 

12. Off-The-Rack: pieces manufactured in large numbers and are available in stores for consumer purchase. 

13. In Vogue: when something is “in vogue” it is currently on trend or in style.

14. Monochrome: a look that is made up of only one color. 

15. Hemline: the lower edge of a garment. 


There you have it - a compact, informative little list that you can take with you on your fashionista journeys and blow the world away with your extensive knowledge of broad fashion terms. Trust us, like the bend and snap — it works every time. 



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