How Mood Boards Can Fashionably Change Your Life


Mood board?


What is a mood board, you ask?


It’s probably one of the most pleasing things to accomplish - and if you have slight OCD tendencies, this is a great way to settle out your aesthetic desires and also organize ideas in a visual format.


We love mood boards because they give us inspiration.


Staying inspired is an essential part of any job - whether it’s creative or not, it matters because inspiration cultivates motivation and motivation makes the money.


Facts? Absolutely.


Oftentimes in the creative industry, people will collaborate on projects and begin with a Pinterest board - which is a great place to organize all of your mood boards and an even better platform for sharing them with other people.


As we got ready for this fall season, our team at REESET Collections curated special mood boards for the office, so that we could all stay on the same wavelength as we dove into the fashion market for some of your favorite wardrobe picks this season.


There are 3 key elements that make up an incredible mood board.


  1. Color Scheme

This is super important for your own aesthetic enjoyment. Organizing your moods by color, material, or even adding a few quote pics to your collection can really spice up and inspire something new. Peep our LETHAL LOOKS board here.


  1. Organization

The coolest part about Pinterest boards is that you can create as many subsections within the board as your heart desires. We LOVE this feature and it helps make everything even more perfect than it already is. Check out our Nude Colored Moments board for ELITE organization.


  1. Elements of Design

Adding cool structure like architecture, paintings, or even pottery can give you a new perspective on design, color, and pretty much any other element you could think of. Art inspires art. Can’t deny it. It’s a charm every time. Look at our EDGE board for inspiration.


We hope you can enjoy Pinterest and other mood board platforms as much as we do — and if you need some inspiration yourself, make us the happiest people on earth and follow us on Pinterest. Let’s do it together. Much, much love.



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